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Take direct action

with the organisation

We’re looking for NGOs, research organisations, and more across the following areas to help advance our mission and scale sea ice restoration and preservation.

  • Scientific Research

  • Engineering Approach

  • Policy & Regulations

  • Climate Action

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Donate to the cause

Your support goes directly to helping us restore and protect Arctic sea ice. Funds go to the following initiatives:

Direct action on climate change in the Arctic

  • Supporting Arctic ice-thickening scientific research

  • Funding the R&D of our AquaFreezing engineering approach

Community collaboration 

  • Funding the collaboration of scientific research and traditional knowledge 

  • Enabling co-development of the initiative with all Arctic key stakeholders

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Real Ice are looking for experienced individuals with knowledge & expertise in the following areas. We are mostly a volunteer organisation, and deeply value the time and talent you can give.

  • Arctic Research (Sea Ice / Solar Radiation Management)

  • Engineering (Marine/Mechanical)

  • Ecology (Biodiversity / Ecosystem Restoration) 

  • Policy (Voluntary Credits / International Offset market)

  • Arctic Community Engagement

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Learn more about Real Ice's goals and vision. 

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