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Real Ice was conceived at Bangor University in North Wales, UK. The Real Ice team have worked hard to take the conceptualization of a solution from an idea to a project that is commercially suitable and will benefit a wide range of stakeholders.


First proposed by Flannery et al in 1971, researchers such as Steven Desch, professor of astrophysics at the School of Earth & Space Exploration at Arizona State University and Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, have further developed the idea of rescuing the rapidly melting Arctic by replenishing the region’s shrinking sea ice through deploying millions of wind-powered pumps over the Arctic ice cap. In winter these would be used to pump water to the surface of the ice, where it would freeze, thickening the cap.

A team at Bangor University has built on the ideas of Flannery and Desch to propose a renewable energy version of the devices first posited almost 50 years ago. 

Real Ice is exploring all available options to make the renewable energy version of the devices proposed by Professor Flannery as productive as possible. We're collaborating with local communities to utilize their Arctic expertise to make our idea efficient and effective. As well as this, we are committed to ensuring we do what is best for the indigenous arctic communities,  Our purpose is to create as much ice as possible, to mitigate climate change, but we can also support indigenous communities in the process. Real Ice visited Iqaluit in the Nunavut region in Canada in February 2022 to discover how we could best collaborate with local communities. Learn more about the trip here: 


Real Ice is just one approach to the problem of ice melt but we hope that by proving that our renewable energy concept can work to thicken ice, we will provide a technology platform to then partner to deploy these at massive scale across the Arctic. The time for action is now! Ice melt is increasing every year and we need to start deploying solutions to help reduce and reverse this process.

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