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Community Engagement


Q. What steps will you be taking to effectively engage with Arctic communities? 

A. Real Ice will begin by engaging with local communities with public demonstrations, open-dialogue workshop sessions and visits to local research institutions and schools. 

How will you do it? 

Real Ice will follow the rules and guidelines set out by the UN Declaration of Indigenous rights as well as engaging with organisations that can provide the necessary introductions and facilitate a collaboration between Real Ice and Arctic communities.

How will you know if you are successful? 

A large part of our success will be determined by the engagement and active involvement we achieve with local Arctic communities. We want to have traditional knowledge at the centre of our decision-making process as we believe that without it, we could not complete the task we have set out to do. 


​Our method to restore & preserve Arctic sea ice is unique in that the success of our systems will not only be determined by the effectiveness of our machines to create sea ice but also by the willingness of the local people in these regions to act on climate change. In areas where there is extensive local knowledge of the land it will be essential to collaborate to gain an understanding of the relationship between the people and sea ice. Their support would allow the R&D of a system to be more effectively tailored to the needs/wants of Arctic communities.  


​We will be successful if we can prove that is possible to develop a system that is desirable to the people in High Arctic regions that simultaneously restores & preserves sea ice whilst not producing negative impacts on the wildlife or environment

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