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Real Ice Cambridge Bay, Nunavut Expedition - Factsheet

From the 15-25th of January, Real Ice will lead an expedition to the Canadian High Arctic Research Station (CHARS) with the permission, support and involvement of Ekaluktutiak Hunters & Trappers Organisation and together with research partners Centre for Climate Repair at Cambridge University and Arctic Reflections

The goal is to progress through the next phase of our testing for sea ice thickening - in this test we will be using a Hydrogen-powered water pump for the first time. 

  • We will establish a protocol for the measurement of the effect of pumping seawater over a large sea ice area vs. a control area, in terms of ice thickening during the winter period, and ice thinning during the summer period. Ongoing measurements will be led by local Cambridge Bay residents in conjunction with Smart Ice.

  • The seawater will be pumped using a Real Ice developed hydrogen fuel cell powered device. This will be placed in an ice hole, and remain in the same location for the duration of the experiment. The experiment will alternate periods of pumping with periods of pauses, to allow the water / slush to freeze properly.

  • We expect each of the pumping phases to last 8-12 hours, and use a full cylinder of hydrogen gas for each phase. This would minimize the number of site interventions and allow the pump to operate autonomously most of the time.


Real Ice will be documenting our research in the Arctic, we will be filming from the 19th-22nd of January with plans to release a short documentary in Spring 2024.

This field expedition to CHARS represents the culmination of two years of rigorous planning and underscores Real Ice's commitment to developing the research on sea ice thickening through research, modeling and importantly through practical tests in the Arctic in collaboration with local and international partners.


Expedition Members:

Real Ice: Andrea Ceccolini (expedition leader),  Cían Sherwin, Andrew Woods

Cambridge University: Jacob Pantling

Arctic Reflections: Fonger Ypma

Film Crew: John Laverman, Seth Woodhouse

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