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Real Ice is a company that is developing innovative renewable energy powered devices to help re-ice the arctic. 

Ultimately, we aim to produce large devices that can re-ice larger open water areas, which is how we can truly make a difference on a global scale. 

Climate change and the Arctic

We, at Real Ice, are targeting direct action on climate change in the Arctic, where global warming is occurring at a faster rate than elsewhere on Earth. 

Ice reflects the sun and helps to keep the planet cooler. Less ice means more open water which soaks up the heat. Oceans absorbs most of the excess heat from greenhouse gas emissions, leading to rising ocean temperatures. Increasing ocean temperatures affect marine species and ecosystems. Rising temperatures cause the loss of breeding grounds for marine fishes and mammals.

This is not only having a negative effect on the indigenous people, their ability to hunt and to connect with other communities, but it also effects the local environment and wildlife. This is affecting the entire ecosystem of the region, from the algae that thrives under the sea ice, and the small fish that feast on it, to the environment that allows large polar bears 

to thrive. Polar bears, arctic foxes, reindeer and a variety of other animals call the arctic ice their home, sadly their home is being lost each year. With a year on year reduction of ice coverage, the animals not only lose their home, but their ability to hunt, live and raise their young. Real Ice is aiming to reverse this trend! But it's important to remember that the melting of sea ice in the Arctic doesn't only affect that region. Globally, we are seeing rising sea, and in turn extreme weather conditions, which is leading to natural disasters. This means that there is not only an incredible financial cost for governments, but also significant damage and ruin to landscapes all across the globe