Real Ice visit Iqaluit

Three members of the Real Ice team visited Iqaluit, the capital of the Nunavut region of Canada in February 2022. Arctic regions are disproportionately effected by climate change

and although in the sub-arctic, Nunavut is no exception. The team went to the region to engage with local stakeholders in the Real Ice project, which aims to re-ice parts of the Arctic in an attempt to reverse the effects of climate change! Having the support of the indigenous people is a vital aspect of Real Ice, given that it is these people who will service and use the Real Ice Machine. It is also the indigenous people who will gain the most from the Real Ice Machine, with the aim of the devices to initially be repairing ice tracks, allowing indigenous people to travel and hunt without the fear of the thin ice causing injury or worse, fatalities.

Cian Sherwin, Real Ice Managing Director said:

We went to Iqaluit to meet and collaborate with local Arctic communities. We successfully met with the Mayor of Iqaluit, Mayor Kenny Bell, to discuss the project and see how we could be work with the people of Baffin Island. The Mayor was very interested in the Real Ice project and we have made a genuine connection in the Arctic because of his interest in the project.

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