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'Refreezing the Arctic is a vision to perk up climate change pessimists with an icy blast of optimism. Scientists are talking with growing confidence about the feasibility of reversing the “great melt” ' 

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For Tomorrow

“Real Ice pledges to help Indigenous people obtain re-icing machines that can increase ice thickness...."



”Hey presto. The melting of Arctic Ice—one of the most visible symptoms of climate change—is halted and reversed. ”

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Daily express

"Scientists unveil ingenious machine to refreeze the North Pole and fight climate change"

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Daily post

"How North Wales business' incredible invention could help replenish polar ice caps"

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bbc news

"Students and graduates of Bangor University have an ambitious plan to re-ice the Arctic"

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bangor and anglesey mail

‘How N.Wales business’ revolutionary invention could help fight the effects of global warming’

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"A North Wales company has invented a revolutionary ice-making machine powered by renewable energy"

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BBC Radio cymru 

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