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About Us

Enabling Ecosystem Restoration

We are an international team based out of the UK and US seeking to encourage others to also pick up the mantle and join us in the fight to restore and protect Arctic Sea Ice.

Our Story

Emerging as a spin off from The Siku Project ( In 2019, Cian Sherwin, Nick Penny and Chris Walker came together to discuss the further development of the Siku Project. Coined ‘Real Ice’ by Christo Walker to get the public to ‘realise’ the threat due to climate change. We began by building a team of 27 volunteers to develop the initial concept.

A showcase on Hyundai x UNDP’s ‘For Tomorrow’ initiative sought to highlight projects that were focused on tackling environmental and societal issues with sustainable solutions, Real Ice were featured in the short trailer filmed for their launch in 2019 and thus, attracted attention from media outlets such as Forbes, BBC, CBC to name a few. 

In 2021 we organised as a UK company and invested our own resources to begin development of an R&D plan to prove our practical solutions for the restoration of Arctic Sea Ice at scale, including field trips to Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada and Greenland. 

We were encouraged by the the engagement in the initiative from Arctic and Sea Ice thought leaders including our advisors Prof Peter Wadhams, Alice Rogoff and Dr. Dwayne Menezes. 

With the support of documentary filmmaker Christine Woodhouse and the addition of an experienced engineering lead and information technology executive we have been able to develop and start to deploy our engineering solutions starting with a successful phase I visit to Nome, Alaska in January 2023.

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